Monday, 1 March 2010

Some things I want to do

At the Bremen FabLabCamp I spoke to some people who were interested to build a RepRap. Thee were also interests of teams to build a bunch of RepRaps. Despite of the having great difficulties to get hold of electronic kits, printing the parts for one single Mendel takes a few hours.

As seen on other RepRap blogs, there are attemps to build wooden or aluminium mendels. I quite like the idea of a wooden Mendel RepStrap. I guess, everyone has an easier access to a bandsaw and a proper drilling machine so having some sheets you can glue on a MDF sheet or another material you can get hold of (POM is quite cool, you cam have it in BLACK!) and make you RepStrap to start printing parts for your teammates to build regular RepRaps.

If there are people out there who are doing the same, feel free to contribute your experience! My next tasks will be to group all the parts into reasonable units and start to do all neccessary modifications for manufacture them with bandsaw and drilling machine. And, of course, do some manufacturing documentation.

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